Three Steps To Starting An Impressive Coin Collection In One Year

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With any hobby, can take time to accumulate and impressive collection. A good collection of coins especially will take some years of researching, rooting around, and discovery through other coin collectors. If you are committed to beginning your coin collection on the right foot, you can challenge yourself to build up a stunning coin collection within a one year span. Here are three challenges to take to gain a great coin collection in the span of just twelve months. 

Hit remote islands 

If you want to gain pieces to your coin collection that other individuals may not have, you should plan a trip to the most remote places that you can find. Going to countries that are closed off or islands that most people won't go to will give you access to money that many people do not use. Look up remote destinations that interest you, then find out a little bit about their currency. If you want to find the rarest current currency, you will need to go to the rarest places on earth. This will make for a beautiful vacation, as well as an informative trip for a fledgling coin collector. 

Go with gold and silver

When it comes to a coin collection, you can never go wrong with gold or silver. Find out which coins have actual gold or silver inside of the metal to start your collection. This will ensure that even if you choose to stop collecting or if you don't find very rare coins, you will still have a collection that is worth the money that you spent. Whether you choose to sell the coins to other collectors or sell the weight in gold or silver, you should start off with coins that will hold their value. 

Challenge yourself to every coin of a specific value

One of the most fun challenges that you can engage in is finding the same coin value for every country on earth. Many countries have or do have 25 cent, 50 cent, or one dollar pieces in their currency. For some countries, this currency will be in usage and it will be easy to find. In some countries, these currencies may be retired, so you will have to do some deep digging to find these pieces. For some of these pieces, you may be able to make one flight then trek to other nearby countries to find what they need. 

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17 May 2017

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