Tips For Successfully Decluttering Your Small Office Desk

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If you have a fairly small desk in your office, then you may have only a bit of space to work with. This can make it difficult to organize your things and some desk organizers can help. However, the organizers alone cannot do much if you pile a million things on your desk and clutter it completely. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can reduce these issues. 

Create Several Piles

Piles can quickly gather on your desk if you work with papers on a daily basis. These piles can quickly get out of control and completely encompass your entire work area. You can minimize this issue by using hard plastic file sorters, like the vertical ones with three to four open slots. Label each slot based on the immediate need to complete, look over, or fill out the paperwork. Add labels to your file sorter that say important or urgent, needed soon or timely, and a non-important or can wait.

When you have the file sorter labeled, place your papers inside and then move them around as needed. Once papers are used and no longer needed, immediately file them or place them in your recycling bin. Do this immediately or place a separate file sorter on your desk meant to collect papers you need to file shortly. 

If you notice that your sorter is filling up or if papers are not moving out of the sorter as quickly as they should, then set aside a bit of time each week to reassess the paperwork and to re-sort it if there is a need. 

Leave Some Clear Space

Often times, desks seem cluttered because there is very little space on the desk itself. This can lead to a feeling of claustrophobia and general clutter even if there is not that much. To reduce this feeling, remove all knickknacks except one or two. Also, replace bulky and large computer monitors with flatter versions if you can. Move the screen back towards the edge of your desk. 

Set your phone on your dominant side and up towards the corner of your desk. Your file sorter should be on the opposite side of the desk. and there should be a decent amount of space around the phone, file folder, and computer. 

If you find that you still do not have any space, then make sure to remove all office supplies from your desk except for what you use daily. Also, think about buying an under-desk file sorter, like from Limitless Office Products, to replace the desktop version. Wire mesh holders that clip to the bottom of your desk as well as add-on drawers can help as well. 


19 May 2017

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