Key Tips For Choosing The Most Appropriate Discount Fundraising Cards For Your Needs

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If you have been tasked with orchestrating the purchase and sale of discount cards for your next fundraiser, you have probably noticed that there are many different options to choose from. It's important to note that the desirability of the service associated with each card can vary from one area to the next, so researching the persons to whom you hope to sell those cards is essential. In addition, the discounts or savings of each card needs to be significant enough to inspire the purchase of the unit, while still being affordable enough to provide enough of a profit margin to make the endeavor successful. Therefore, when you need to maximize the benefits of discount cards for a fundraising effort, it's a good idea to be aware of the tips shared below.

Know Your Market And Your Targeted Buyers

When you are determining the right way to sell as many of your discount cards as possible, one of the most important steps you can take is to know the needs and expectations of the people to whom you hope to sell the product. For instance, if the fundraiser is for an elementary, middle or high school or one of its programs, the presence of discounts for restaurants, movie theaters, and department stores could be very appealing. 

Alternatively, if the fundraiser is for a museum, charity event, or another sophisticated venue, the discount card might be more popular with those persons if its savings were associated with similarly upscale activities. As a result, defining your target audience and establishing the numbers of persons you expect to sell the item to can make your efforts at fundraising more successful.

Plan To Buy Low and Sell High

Buying low and selling high is popular advice for any financial transaction, including fundraisers. Therefore, it is best to learn about the policies, restrictions and choices associated with different providers of discount cards in order to negotiate the most amenable terms. For instance, the aforementioned research into the numbers of potential buyers will be quite useful, as bulk orders of discount cards might result in a discount. That idea can also extend to early orders of your discount cards, as avoiding the fees for faster production and shipping is important when you need to maximize your savings.

Regardless, it is of the utmost importance to pay the smallest amount of money you can to get the cards you need and then to sell the product for the highest possible price soon after. You can determine what those costs might be by referring to previous fundraising efforts and accessing information as to the total number of sales and the dollar amounts that accrued. Even if discount cards were not part of the process at that time, those numbers can be very useful when establishing how many discount cards you should order. 

In conclusion, discount cards are often an ideal option for many fundraisers. However, given that there are many different options to choose from and each has their own distinct benefits, it's best to be familiar with the advice mentioned above. Contact a business like Discount Fundraising to learn more.


23 May 2017

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