Four Reasons Why One Large Printer May Be The Best Option For Your Small Business

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When starting a business, it is important to have ways for your staff to easily print paperwork as needed. There are many companies who choose to purchase a separate printer for each employee to have at their desk, but that is not the best option. Use the guide below to learn a few reasons why purchasing one printer that can connect to multiple computers at one time is the best option for your company.

Limited Maintenance

When you have multiple printers within your business, it could lead to a lot of maintenance costs. If you only have a single printer in the business, you will only need to worry about having it maintained and repaired from time to time. You can schedule to have maintenance done during the hours when work is slow and do not have to worry about paying for multiple printers to be repaired or maintained over time.

Easy Supply Tracking

When you only have one printer in the office, it is easy to track when the ink is low or when you need to order more paper for it. If you have multiple printers that need ink and paper, you will need to keep a constant supply on hand, which can be quite costly.

Quick and Easy Training

Using a single printer in the office allows everyone to easily be trained on how to use it. You can assign a few people to get extra training on the printer so that they can troubleshoot common issues that may arise. Having a few people trained to troubleshoot issues ensures simple problems can be resolved quickly and easily.

Printing from Multiple Devices

A printer that can connect to multiple computers at one time can often connect to other devices, as well. This means that your staff can print things from their tablets and even their phones, which can be very convenient when they are in meetings with clients.

When you need a printer for your business, you may want to consider renting one at first. This will allow you to determine which model is the best one for your business and cuts down on the maintenance costs. The rental company will be responsible for maintaining and repairing any issues that arise with the printer. After your company has used the copier for a few months, you will be able to rest assured that you are making the best purchase possible when you go to buy it.

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26 May 2017

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