3 Ways To Prepare For The Application And Interview Process For A Cyber Security Job

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Cyber security professionals are in high demand. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition in the job market for the available positions. Therefore, you have to stand out from the others when you apply and interview for a position. To help you, here are a few tips to remember throughout the process.  

Setup a Security Lab in Your Home 

One of the first questions that you are asked by the interviewer might not be about your cyber security experience in the workplace. The interviewer will likely ask about your personal home network. Asking you about your network helps the interviewer to get a basic understanding of your skills and help him or her find probing questions that can lead to determining how you can be useful in the position you are applying for.  

Ideally, you should have your own security lab setup at your home. The lab should consist of equipment and features that you can test. For instance, you should have open source tools that you can test the safety of before you are asked about it during your interview.  

Build Up Your Resume 

A lot of the people you will have to compete against for cyber security jobs will be entry-level candidates. You need to stand out from them by building up your resume. Now is the time to go beyond the basic certifications and focus on the advanced certifications.  

A list of certifications will stand out on a resume and make it more likely that you get an interview. You do not necessarily have to head back to college to get the certifications that are needed. With your current education, you can enroll in classes offered locally or online. You can even turn to books to learn more about cyber security.  

Research the Organization 

Before each interview, take the time to research each organization. During the interview, you will be asked questions about various scenarios. If you are familiar with the organization, you can get an idea of which scenarios you will be questioned on.  

You also want to be familiar with aspects of each organizations' existing information security. In addition to this, you need to have an idea of the regulations that must be met for the industry in which the organization is. For instance, the regulatory needs of a health care organization differs from that of a grocery chain. 

Consult with an employment specialist to learn of other ways you can prepare to land a job in the cyber security field. 


9 June 2017

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