Why Frozen Yogurt Color Changing Spoons Are A Must-Have Item

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Frozen yogurt color changing spoons are growing in popularity. These dessert spoons are FDA-certified for food contact, so parents can feel confident when purchasing them for their children. The spoons immediately begin turning to a darker color when they hit the cold of the frozen yogurt. The shade of color is determined by the temperature, which means when the child removes the spoon from the frozen yogurt, it will begin changing back to its original color. There are several reasons why these spoons are a must-have item for every home with toddlers and school-age kids.

You Can Use Them to Teach Younger Children Their Colors

It's much easier to teach toddlers the basics, such as their colors, when the activity is fun to complete. Pick-up a few different sets of color changing spoons for ice cream and then fill a small bowl with frozen yogurt. Give your toddler a spoon and ask him or her to identify its color. Instruct the child to place the spoon in the yogurt and then ask the little one to let you know what the new color is. Reward the toddler for a correct answer with a spoonful of the tasty dessert. Repeat to go over the colors on the other spoons. 

They Entice Picky Eaters to Try Frozen Desserts

Even though frozen yogurt and ice cream are delicious desserts, some children are extremely picky and not willing to try new foods. Other kids have sensory disorders that may make them less likely to consume foods that are cold or creamy. Give these young ones a color changing spoon and let them know what happens when the spoon touches the frozen treat. Entice them to try a bite in order to observe how the spoon turns from one color to another and then back again. 

They'll Dazzle Elementary Children at a Pool Party

Give your elementary student a chance to dazzle their friends by throwing a pool party and serving frozen treats with the color changing spoons. For added fun, don't disclose what the spoons do. Simply sit back and watch the kids' reactions. When it comes to parties, the spoons are also ideal for a unicorn-themed birthday.

They Make Great Gifts

You'll also want to pick up a few sets of these frozen yogurt color changing spoons to give away as gifts. They fit nicely in a Christmas stocking and are a fun addition to any Easter basket. Another option is to pair them with a big gift, like a snow cone maker or a blender for making smoothies. 

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28 June 2017

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