5 Creative Ways to Make Your Midsummer Mardi Gras Party Sizzle

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If you're like most people, you associate Mardi Gras celebrations with the end of February and think of them as a fun, colorful way to bring in the spring. However, Mardi Gras festivities are so vibrant and eclectic that it's a shame to limit them to just one particular time of year. After all, New Orleans, which is considered to be the beating heart of Mardi Gras in the United States, puts on a mini-celebration in midsummer just to keep the Mardi Gras spirit flowing. Midsummer Mardi Gras parties offer summer party hosts and guests a welcome respite from the usual backyard barbecues and garden parties that make up the bulk of warm season entertaining. Although you definitely want to have Mardi Gras staples such as beads at your party, you'll also want to amp up the ambiance. Following are five creative ways to make your midsummer Mardi Gras party sizzle. 

Crown a King

Pass a hat with small slips of paper in it and have each guest write down his or her choice for Mardi Gras King. If there's a tie when the vote is tallies, pass the hat again, and if necessary, repeat the process until there is a clear winner. You can either start by identifying several likely candidates or make it an open election where everyone's eligible. After the king has been decided on, have a crowning ceremony -- be sure to provide a robe and a scepter as well as a crown. 

Set Up a Mask/Costume Station

Masks and costumes add the final layers of fun and mystery to Mardi Gras celebrations, but sometimes guests aren't entirely prepared for the occasion. If it's the middle of summer, their usual Mardi Gras attire may be packed away. Setting up a mask/costume station is a gracious gesture that ensures that no one is left without their own personal Mardi Gras magic. You could even go all-out with your mask/costume station so that the process of dressing in festive attire is a part of the party rather than a thoughtful footnote. It'll make a wonderful ice-breaker and really get your party going. You'll be able to get everything you need from a Mardi Gras supply retailer. 

Have a Parade

After you've crowned the king and everyone is decked out in their Mardi Gras finery, it may be time to have a parade. Unless you have a permit, you won't be able to block the streets, but you can still have a walking parade on your neighborhood sidewalks. Remember to be mindful of your neighbors by keeping the volume down on the revelry and limiting your parade route to one pass around the neighborhood. Who knows -- you may pick up some extra party guests along the way. 

Make Cafe Brulot

Cafe Brulot is a traditional Mardi Gras beverage that is comprised of coffee, sugar, spices, and brandy. The brandy is floated on the surface of the drink and then lit for a stunning visual statement, especially if you turn the lights down low before lighting the drink. If you've decided not to serve adult beverages at your party or want something for the under-21 crowd, you can also make Cafe Brulot cookies.

Provide Transportation 

Adult beverages are generally a part of Mardi Gras celebrations no matter what time of year they are held, so hosts should protect themselves as well as their guests by hiring a reliable transportation company to ensure that guests get home safely. Hiring a party bus to pick guests up at their homes and drop them off when the party's over eliminates those sticky situations where guests may need to be talked out of driving themselves home. 

Who knows, your midsummer Mardi Gras party may be such a hit among those in attendance that it will become an annual tradition. For more information, contact a business such as Mardi Gras Supplies.


10 July 2017

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