Looking For A New Executive For Your Nonprofit? How A Professional Search Firm Will Help

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If you run a nonprofit organization, you know how hard it can be to find executives or top-level management. It isn't enough to hire someone with business experience. You need to find someone who understands not only businesses in general, but also nonprofit businesses and your niche. In other words, if you run an organization that was created to help homeless, abused, or neglected animals, you want someone who knows how to schedule employees and/or volunteers, how to keep track of supplies and when to order them, how to accept donations, how to organize events for donations, and is able to come up with ways to generate income to help with the costs of things. This is not going to be easy. The best way to find the people you need is to hire a nonprofit executive search firm, like Scion Executive Search. Here are just a few ways you will benefit from this.

More Candidates

Professional search firms keep large databases of all the different types of executives, such as those who specialize in finance, those who work in human resources, and those who work in productivity. They have candidates from all over the world, and they keep them in the database whether they are currently employed or not. They will contact everyone who fits your criteria. This will give you more candidates to choose from so you are sure to get the one that will work best with your company.

Better Candidates

With the large number of possible candidates search firms have, they can be particular about who they contact in regards to the position you have open. They do not have to settle for candidates who don't meet every requirement you have. You can create a list of the attributes, education, and experience you want the new executive to possess. Be as picky as you want, and they will still be able to provide you with a number of candidates instead of just one or two.

Save Time

Your current top-level managers and executives are already busy with the operation of the company. While they will need to take a bit of time to interview and make a decision on who to hire, they will not have to find and vet the candidates. This will save considerable time.

When you decide to go with an executive search firm, be sure to hire one that is experienced with nonprofit organizations. Have all your current executives, including the one to be replaced (unless they were fired), create a list of qualifications and send it on to the search firm. Stay in contact with the firm and update the list as needed, and you will have your new executive in place so the transition goes smoothly.


23 August 2017

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