Essential Selection Criteria For Coiling Machines

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Spring coiling systems eliminate many of the steps between producing a spring and inserting that spring into your process. However, not every spring coiling system will be right for you. Some systems are customized for the production of certain types of springs and there are many other things you want to consider.

Setup and Installation

When looking for coiling machinery, you will want to look for a machine that provides fast setup and allows for springs to be changed over very quickly.  When you have downtime because a coiling machine must be replaced, you will want the replacement process to be as streamlined as possible.

Speed and Accuracy

A coiling machine needs to have a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Defects in the manufacturing process may lead to lost products. However, when there are rejected springs, the coiling machine must have a method for correcting this. When detecting rejected springs, the coiling machine must check for OD, load and length.

Some of the most reliable coiling machines are those that use two-point technology.  When comparing different coiling machines, look at how many springs they promise to produce per minute.

Available Features

Find out what type of features are provided by the spring coiling machine and whether they match what you need as a professional. For example, you will likely need to be able to check spring dimensions, perform automatic spring coiling, perform heat treating in an adjustable manner, feed multiple assembly points,  and store multiple parameters for spring types.


Many coiling machines are designed for customization. For instance, you may need to have your coiling machine customized for the production of constant force springs. If you need to produce shaped wire springs rather than producing rounded wire, you may need to integrate wire-shaping equipment. If you will be producing belting springs, you might need a left-hand configuration.

Retrofit Options

You may have an older piece of equipment that no longer performs the functions that you need. Fortunately, you may be able to retrofit an already existing machine so that it functions with new objectives in mind, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new coiling machine.


The success of your coiling machine is partially based on whether it uses the right software. Software determines how your coiling machine is controlled. However, as defects are found in the original programs, you will need to make sure that you update your software.

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7 April 2018

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