IV Vitamin Therapy: Faqs

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When you consider getting your daily dose of vitamins, you probably think like the majority of the population and think about that pill-form multivitamin or supplement you have tucked away in your medicine cabinet. However, there is another, more effective, form of vitamin delivery in the form of vitamin IV therapy. Vitamin IV therapy involves using an intravenously connected line to deliver vitamins and minerals straight to the bloodstream of a patient. Take a look at some of the most common questions regarding IV vitamin therapy and the answers you should know. 

How is vitamin IV therapy better than just taking supplements?

When you take vitamin supplements, the vitamins are sent to your stomach for digestion and you may or may not get all of the ingredients listed on the nutrition label. A lot of the vitamins can be lost through the digestion process if they are not properly broken down. With vitamin IV therapy, the vitamins are steadily delivered through your bloodstream, so there is no problem with absorbing them into your system; you get the vitamins and minerals in a slow fashion that the body readily accepts. 

What are the most common reasons IV vitamin therapy is used?

IV vitamin therapy has actually been around for a long time for different ailments, but the availability of more portable or mobile IV treatment therapy has made this form of medical treatment more readily accessible for even the smallest ailments. Some of the reasons patients may seek IV vitamin therapy include:

  • To get over a hangover quickly
  • To help recover from a cold or the flu 
  • To combat symptoms of a stomach virus

Additionally, some people prefer IV vitamin therapy simply just to get their vitamins to help sustain a healthy immune system, so they may get the therapy in specific increments outlined by their physician. 

Is vitamin IV therapy safe?

Vitamin IV therapy is highly safe if it is performed by a qualified professional. It is no longer necessary for a patient to go to a hospital or doctor's office to get vitamin therapy through an IV because there are service providers who make house calls, and even this is a safe procedure because you are closely monitored during the administration of the vitamins. Because the vitamins are delivered slowly through the bloodstream, some may even say that IV vitamins are safer than orally taken supplements that give you a dose of vitamins all at once. 


12 October 2018

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