Tips For Hunting Waterfowl From A Curtain Blind

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Using a blind or some type of hiding place is the norm when you're hunting for waterfowl, but you'll occasionally come across hunters who hunt from what is known as a curtain blind. This term describes what is essentially a small box that you place in the water and stand or crouch in while you wait for your prey to approach. You're surrounded by water on all four sides, and you'll place a number of appropriate decoys in the water around you. If you're thinking about trying this type of blind, here are some pros and cons to evaluate.

Pro: It Can Be Effective

Waterfowl often land in the open water where other waterfowl are, so setting your decoys around your curtain blind can make your prey come right toward you. The more decoys you can deploy, the more popular this spot will look from the sky, and this can make a large number of waterfowl approach your area in an attempt to land. They won't be expecting your blind, and you'll have clear shots.

Con: Access Isn't Easy

When it comes to building and deploying a blind, one along the edge of a swamp is far easier than using a curtain blind. This device can be difficult to get out into the water, and even with the right water gear on, you'll often end up wet. Given that the weather can be cold when you're hunting for waterfowl, you may end up chilly and miserable as a result of setting up this type of blind.

Pro: It's Good For Solo Hunters

Some people enjoy the social aspect of hunting in a group, while others find themselves frequently annoyed by the habits of their fellow hunters and prefer to simply hunt on their own. If you're looking for an excuse to go waterfowl hunting by yourself, using a curtain blind can be the answer. While these blinds can be big enough for two people, they're ideal for using on your own.

Con: The Conditions Need To Be Right

You'll generally find that the conditions need to be right for your time in the curtain blind to be enjoyable. If there's any significant amount of breeze, you can expect water to spill into the blind because of how closely the lip of the blind sits to the surface of the water. It can be frustrating to go on a hunting outing, only to realize that the wind has picked up and will make your experience less than favorable.

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11 April 2019

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