Having Your Old Well Plugged

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Property owners that use wells to provide water will eventually need to have the well plugged. This is an important aspect of owning a property with wells, but it is not as well known as it should be.

Is It Only Necessary To Have Dry Wells Plugged?

One assumption about plugging wells is that it will only be needed for wells that have completely gone dry. However, it is actually necessary to have this done to any water well that is no longer needed on a regular basis. During the process of plugging the well, concrete or steel caps will be placed over the top of the well. Depending on the design and positioning of the well, a layer of soil may also be placed over it and a marker may be placed on the ground to indicate where the well is located. While this work will involve some costs, they will usually be much lower than property owners expect.

What Happens If You Fail To Have An Old Well Plugged?

Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will simply fail to appreciate the importance of having their old wells plugged. Often, this can be due to assuming that they will always know the location of the wells so that they will be able to easily avoid them. Sadly, this will not protect visitors to your property or future owners of the property from the risk of falling in the well. This can result in serious civil lawsuits due to the injuries that will be incurred from falling down a well. As a result of this threat, communities typically require individuals to obtain a permit to prove that the well has been properly plugged and documented. This is necessary, as the local government will track the location of all known wells for health and environmental purposes.

Can A Capped Well Be Reversed?

In situations where a well that was still functional is plugged, there may be a need to reverse this in the future. Luckily, it is possible for a contractor to remove the cap that has closed the well. Individuals might attempt to remove this cap on their own, but this should never be attempted. During the process of removing the cap, it can be easy for a person to accidentally damage the water well's walls. This can lead to the well collapsing. Homeowners will also need to make sure that they have reported the well being uncapped so that the appropriate permits can be obtained.

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25 July 2019

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