Working On A Design Concept? Why You Need An Architectural Model

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If you're designing a building, you need to start with an architectural model. Drawings and blueprints are fine for the initial process. But, when it's time to sell your design, you need more than the paper it's drawn on. That's where the architectural model comes into the picture. An architectural model is a scaled rendition of your design. The architectural model provides the details a drawing can't capture. Here are four of the ways an architectural model benefits your design. 

Provides Three-Dimensional Inspection

When it comes to selling your design, you want people to get a clear view of your vision. That's hard to do with drawings and blueprints. Those types of images miss the key details that set your design apart from the rest. For that, you need your architectural model. One of the best things about the model is that it lets investors get a three-dimensional look at your design. The three-dimensional approach allows for a closer inspection of the details. 

Lets Investors Know You're Serious

If you want to sell your design, you need to let investors know you're serious. One way to do that is through the architectural model. Every architect begins with a drawing. But they don't always follow it up with an architectural model. To get your design sold, you need to take your sales approach to the next level. You need an architectural model of your design concept. 

Makes Location Orientation Easier

If you're designing a multi-faceted complex, investors need to see location. This is especially important when designing things like theaters and shopping centers. Those individual spaces need the visualization that drawings and blueprints can't offer. Architectural models give investors a look inside the design. With a model, investors get a look at seating arrangements and space options. Make it easier for investors to see location orientation. Invest in an architectural model of your design. 

Takes the Hassle Out of the Permit Process

If you've started on the construction process for your project, you need to gather the right permits. If all you have are drawings and blueprints, the permit process may drag out longer than you'd like. That's because they may not offer a clear view for regulators. Regulators won't sign off on permits if they have questions about the project. That's where the architectural model comes in handy. Stop the questions. Give regulators an architectural model rendition of your design concept.

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15 June 2020

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