Tips For Buying Custom Solenoid Valves

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There are always small parts that make large machinery operate at their best. If you run an automated control system you'll need to consider custom solenoid valves and how they can help you out. A custom solenoid valve is a part that uses electric current and computer programming to control the flow of current, liquids, and gases. Read below to learn more about these valves and how they're helpful to you. 

Learn the advantages that a custom solenoid valve brings your automated control system

The fact that these valves are customized makes them work better than parts you will purchase straight from the shelf. Several industries use solenoid valves. A few examples include the construction, industrial, heating & cooling, agricultural, and manufacturing industries.

The valve is computer controlled and optimizes any system that you are running. You will reduce external leakage, which keeps your systems primed and productive with each use. These valves are also skillfully designed and lightweight. 

Consider the various control valve types available to you

Studying solenoid valves will help you figure out what customization options you'd like to explore. Get to know the materials used when fabricating these valves. They are generally built with tough and reliable metals, such as stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. Several manufacturers fabricate these valves with copper because it's recyclable, anti-combustive, and anti-corrosive. When searching for such a solenoid valve, familiarize yourself with the electrical specifications to ensure that it's built to handle any application your automated control system executes.

Shop with a parts supplier that sells the absolute best control valves

You'll need to do a bit of digging to find the best and most credible parts supplier. Choose suppliers that understand how these valves work so that you can get the best selections to comb through. 

Check for estimates on these parts to be certain that you're making the wisest spending choices. 

Maintenance and repair must also take priority. Failing to clean the valve, replace rubber components, and tighten springs will create further issues with the part. Otherwise, the solenoid valve will continue to corrode, leak, crack, and create other problems. Always depressurize the system first and wear proper safety equipment if you're going to take a hands-on approach to your valve maintenance.

These tips will get you started when shopping for a custom solenoid valve. 

For additional help and information, reach out to a company that offers products like custom solenoid valves.


13 July 2020

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