Helpful Decisions That A Gas Station Feasibility Study Can Help You Make

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If you are planning on opening a gas station convenience store, you might want to have a gas station feasibility study done. When opening a gas station, you will need to make some important decisions. Luckily, a gas station feasibility study can help you make the right decisions when preparing your gas station for business.

Where Should Your Gas Station Be Located?

Many people opt to have gas station feasibility studies done when they are trying to determine which plot of land they should lease or buy for building their gas station. If you are still trying to determine the perfect spot, a gas station feasibility study should be able to help.

How Big Should Your Building and Parking Lot Be?

By paying attention to the size of your plot of land, the requirements in the area where you are building, and the results from the gas station feasibility study, you can determine what size your building and parking lot should be.

Should You Sell Gas and Other Fuel?

Naturally, when you think about opening a gas station, you probably think about selling gas. However, in some cases, gas station feasibility studies show that a convenience store might perform better without actually selling gas. On the other hand, the gas station feasibility study might show that your business might have the potential for selling a lot of gas, so it might suggest that you install a lot of gas pumps. It might even show that your gas station has a potential to be successful with selling diesel fuel and other types of fuel.

Should You Serve Food and Beverages?

Many convenience stores sell food and beverages, although the types of food and beverages that you should sell may vary based on location. A gas station feasibility study can help you determine if your store might be a good candidate for an adjoining fast food restaurant or cafe, for example, and it can even help you determine whether or not it would be profitable for you to sell a lot of coffee beverages or other essentials.

What Other Amenities Should You Offer?

In some cases, a gas station feasibility study will let you know about other amenities that might help you make your gas station successful. For example, if your store will be located in an area that will be frequented by truck drivers, the gas station feasibility study might suggest that you offer things like showers or truck washing stations for these truck drivers.


31 July 2020

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