What Goes Into a Moving Estimate?

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If you're planning a move, you may be thinking of hiring local movers to make the job easier. This can allow you to get into your home more quickly and it can minimize the stress that you feel on moving day. As you begin to plan for your move, you'll want to contact several local movers to get estimates for your move, so you have an idea as to what you'll be paying for this service. Here's what goes into a moving estimate: 

Packing and Prep Costs

If you're not going to be packing up your own things and want to get help with that service, then you can expect the moving team to factor in the price of packing and prep for the actual move. 

Access to and From the Buildings

The moving company will also consider the access to and from each building that you will be moving to. Will there be room for them to park safely near the entryway? Will they have to enter a very narrow road or driveway to get to your home? This is a big factor in the price and time of your move.

Steps and Walking Distance

Another factor that goes into a moving estimate is the number of stairs and style of stairs at both locations. The company will also consider how far of a walk they will need to make to get to the entrance of each building. This is is a big factor because it can take more time to move if they need to park far away.

Hallways and Doors

The hallways and doors that you have are also a factor. It takes more work, effort, and strategy to get items into a narrow doorway. In some cases, items may need to be broken down to get into your home. That adds to the time and labor for the day.

Time of Year

The time of year does play a part when getting an estimate. The summer, for example, is usually very busy for moving companies and you may need to pay more if their schedule is packed.

Number of Items and Size of Home

Finally, the number of items that need to be moved and the size of your home will factor into the estimated cost. If you have a big home with many items, it will take longer to move.

If you're ready to get an estimate for an upcoming move, reach out to companies like Christofferson Moving & Storage so you can begin to prepare for your move and reserve your desired date. 


28 January 2021

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