Getting Into Collecting Antique European Swords

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If you are someone that loves history and quality antiques, you can get the best of both worlds by collecting antique European swords. There have been several kingdoms throughout time that used swords in battle. If you'd like to keep a piece of these eras, there are several swords you can look into. This article will teach you a bit more about sword collecting.

What makes antique swords such a great investment?

Swords are a great conversation starter and an excellent keepsake for your home. They attract history buffs and people who love fantasy since it takes some imagination to envision what it was actually like to live in civilizations gone by. Since these are legitimate artifacts, you can also expect these swords to bring you some significant value in return. A high-quality antique sword can fetch you anywhere between $100 and more than $6.5 million for rare swords.

What should you know about collecting antique European swords?

Authenticity is everything when you are beginning to collect European antique swords. The last thing you would want is to purchase a replica when you thought you were getting an original. You'll need to do plenty of research into these swords so that you can find out what characteristics they have. This will usually boil down to a specific type of design, along with the materials that the swords are made from. These swords are usually made with materials like copper, iron, bronze, and steel, depending on the era. In order to gauge the value and authenticity of the sword,  you will need to invest in a professional appraisal.

You will pay $80 per hour and up for a professional antique appraisal. Never purchase an antique sword without getting it appraised since this will let you know how much you should be paying for it, in addition to what makes it valuable. 

How can you take excellent care of your swords?

If you'd like to get the most from your antique European swords, you have to preserve them to the best of your ability. Start by adding an insurance plan to these swords so that you are fairly compensated if the sword is damaged, stolen, or otherwise compromised. You should join up with other sword collectors to get some tips on taking care of them and to exchange notes at trade shows or collector conventions.

Use these tips when you'd like to get into collecting swords.


9 June 2021

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