Transform Your Company's Image With A Hard Turn Towards Using Marine Recycled Textiles For Your Products

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Does your company create products using plastic, yarn or a variety of other popular textiles? Are you looking to jump start a stagnant business and start growing again? Do you want to craft a new mission statement and re-invent your business as a way of attracting new and different customers? These are all reasons to consider a hard shift to coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles when trying to source materials for your whatever it is that your company manufactures, produces or creates.

Using 100 Percent Recycled Textiles Will Allow You to Market Yourself as a Green Business and That Will Attract New Customers

If you want to grow your business, you need to gain new customers. Many people today are environmentally conscious and seek out goods that feature 100 percent recycled materials. It might cost you some money to switch material providers and re-stock your material supply, but once you get up and running, you can market and advertise that all products feature recycled materials. Your current customers likely won't mind and will continue buying from you, but going this route could attract some new customers seeking out exactly this type of product. You'll be seen as a green business that cares about the environment and this will provide a long-term boost to your reputation and brand.

A Focus on Coastal and Marine Recycled Textiles Gives Your Company a Clear Mission Statement and a Specific Appeal

When it comes to using recycled materials, there is a movement around the world in recent years to use not just any recycled plastic or yarn but to specially source these materials from waste that is left along the coastline or dumped into the water in oceans and lakes and rivers across the globe. People who want to protect marine life often seek out companies that focus on coastal and marine recycling. If you were to order all of your recycled textiles from a supplier that exclusively picks up coastal and marine waste, you can use this to give your newly "green" business an even more specific focus when it comes to being a good corporate citizen of the world. It's a great way to completely re-invent what your company stands for.

Using Coastal and Marine Recycled Textiles May Allow You to Claim Credits or Grants

Using recycled materials for your products and using coastal and marine recycled textiles in particular could also have financial advantages for your business beyond new customers. It's possible today to seek out a tax credit or a grant from either the government or an environmentally-focused organization in exchange for changing how you source your materials. Bring the amount of recycled materials you use in your products over a certain percentage, and you might get reimbursed or financially compensated in some way for your efforts.

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23 September 2021

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